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The "V-Trac" Horn

Do-It-Yourself Midrange Horn Upgrade
For The Klipsch Klipschorn and Belle Speakers

The V-Trac horn was the first, and is still the best 2" horn upgrade available to replace the original Klipschorn K400 and K401 midrange horns, as well as the stock Belle midrange horns.  The Volti V-Trac horns and BMS midrange drivers will transform your Khorns or Belles into modern, world-class speakers that can stand toe to toe with some of the best speakers in the world.

The character of your speakers will remain, but the vices will disappear.

The V-Trac horn is a wooden horn, built with a known tractrix flare, and it has a 2" throat, which is more than eight times larger than the 11/16" throat opening of the stock Klipsch mid horns.  The V-Trac horn makes use of every little bit of space available in the tophat of the Klipschorn and Belle speakers.

The Khorn V-Trac is a drop-in replacement for all "B" and "C" style Khorns, and the Belle V-Trac fits right into the tophat of all Belle Klipsch speakers.   They have the same exact dimensions as the original stock frames and they attach into the tophats exactly the same way.  All it takes is a screwdriver to replace the old mid-horn and tweeter grill frame and replace it with modern upgrades.

Unlike other horn upgrades that are mounted to a frame, the V-Trac horn itself is part of the frame.  This unique design enables the horn to be larger and the Fc (frequency cutoff) to be lower; providing better integration between the midrange and the bass horn.   Something else to consider; the mouth of the V-Trac horn extends all the way to the front edge of the Khorn, so the sound comes out cleanly and is not impeded by a frame.

The integral horn/frame along with the added bracing, make the V-Trac structurally sound.   The solid blocks at the sides of the mouth, and the curved braces that are carefully shaped, glued, and fastened to each back side of the horn, provide strength and durability to the construction, as well as additional damping to the horn.  When handling one of these units, they feel so solid it's like they are carved out of a single piece of wood.   The Volti V-Trac horns are well damped, and resonance free (within their operating range).

The V-Trac horns are painted with two coats of primer and two coats of satin black paint, which provides a smooth surface for the sound coming out of the horn, as well as sealing the horn from moisture that might damage it over time.

The quality of construction in the V-Trac horn assures that my customers will enjoy the great sound that they provide for a very long time.

Grill Cloth

The standard grill cloth supplied with all V-Trac horns is a durable, woven, acoustically transparent cloth that is the same cloth used on the current Klipsch Heritage speakers.  It is called new style Klipsch black #7 cloth.  It is a very close match to the old style Klipsch black #17 cloth that has been discontinued and is no longer available.  If you were to have the new Klipsch #7 cloth installed on your V-Trac horns, and still had the old Klipsch #17 cloth on the side grills of your Khorns - and you look closely, you will see a difference between the side grills of the Khorns and the tophat grill cloth, but the differences in the two cloths are not obvious to most people.  The differences would be more noticeable on the Belle Klipsch than the Khorn due to the fact that the bass cloth and the tophat cloth are closer together and both facing forward.

Volti Audio does have a small amount of the old style Klipsch black #17 cloth in stock, and we are making it available to our customers who wish to match the new tophat grill cloth to the lower bass grill cloth exactly.  There is an extra charge of $75 for a pair of V-Trac horns to have the old style cloth.

In the next two photographs, the old #17 cloth is on the left, and the new #7 cloth is on the right.

In the next two photographs, the old #17 cloth is on the bottom and the new #7 cloth is on the top

You'll notice that the new cloth is almost exactly the same color as the old, just a bit sharper black, and the materials used to make the cloth are almost identical.  The difference really is in the pattern.

Also, take note of how tightly the cloth is pulled on the frame, and how straight it is.  We use plenty of staples to secure the cloth, and all loose edges are cauterized and glued in place.

Quality of Construction and Attention to Detail

The V-Trac horn, along with the BMS driver,
is simply the highest level of midrange performance
available for the Klipsch Khorn or Belle speakers

What's Included in the V-Trac package for $899.00:

The V-Trac package includes one pair of horns with integral grill frames painted satin black, New (2014) Klipsch black grill cloth installed on both grill frames, one pair of midrange driver motorboards, one pair of tweeter motorboards for your tweeter of choice (You may purchase additonal motorboards for different tweeters), necessary hardware to attach the drivers and motorboards, durable and reusable packaging.

Here's a picture of the package:

The hardware and tweeter motorboards:

Durable, product-specific packaging:

Other Important Information

The V-Trac horns may be flipped in either direction when installed into the cabinets, so you have your choice of tweeter location inside or outside the midhorn.  But I strongly suggest that you should mount the tweeters on the outside of the midrange horns.  When doing this, the crossover location in one of the tophat cabinet switches to the other side from it's normal position, and because of that a longer wire from the crossover to the woofer is necessary.  

Newer Khorns, with "AK" crossover networks, will have crossover components inside the woofer chamber of the cabinets.  When changing from stock crossovers to Volti crossovers, these components will need to be disconnected or removed.  More information is on the Crossover webpages, or please ask about how to do this.

Motorboards are included for your tweeters of choice (stock K-77,Crites replacements,Beyma CP-25, JBL 2404, EV T350, etc...).   Having separate motorboards allows for easy removal and installation of the tweeters in the frame.

Other grill cloth material is available, please inquire via email

Each V-Trac horn has a serial number stamped in the wood, and also a placard that displays the Model, Serial Number, Date of Manufacture, and is signed by me.

There are felt tabs on the back of the placard to prevent buzzing.

Here's a few pictures of the motorboards.

Here's a picture of an unpainted motorboard to show the precision that goes into shaping the very important throat transition area between the midrange driver and the horn.  The transition is from 2" round to 2" square and is made within the 1" thick motorboard. This transition is carefully hand-shaped with a chisel and file, and the edges are carefully smoothed over.

These motorboards are for the Beyma CP-25 tweeters.

These motorboards are for the Crites CT-125 tweeters or the stock K77 tweeters.

And the included hardware.

Please note - the design and specifications of the V-Trac horns are subject to change, without notice.

Here are a couple of pictures of my own Khorns with the upgrades installed.

As you can see, the V-Trac just fits right in the place of the stock grill frames/horn assembly.  To look at them from the front, you'd have no idea of the high performance hidden behind.

My previous Khorns - Koa veneer

The Volti Audio V-120 throat adapters are a great way to get great sound from the V-Trac horn and also save some money.

These adapters provide a carefully voiced throat section to the K55 that mimics the tonal characteristics of the BMS 4592 drivers.  Whether you buy these for permanent use on your new horns, or buy them for temporary use while saving up money to buy the BMS drivers, you will not be disappointed with the sound quality.

Installation instructions for the V-Trac horns are HERE

Volti Audio - Klipsch Khorn V-Trac Upgrades and Restoration