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The following are pictures of the re-dedication of the Paul W. and Valerie Klipsch Museum at New Mexico State University, October 31st, 2008.

Here is the expected composition of the speech given by Ms. Valerie Klipsch at the re-dedication:

As I stand here yet again, at another "homecoming," with so many familiar faces, and those who truly care about Paul W Klipsch, I am among friends and wish to tell you of my labor of love that began a few years ago.

As Paul graduated from New Mexico State University in 1926 he followed through the majority of his life's dreams, to build the world's most efficient loudspeakers.    He began life with nothing but his degree from New Mexico State University and made his first dream a reality in 1943 with his patent for his loudspeaker horn and then in 1945 when the first full Klipschorn was patented.    As his successes grew, he never forgot where he began his journey and gave back again and again.

Paul was a dream builder and a dream maker for countless numbers of others.    His legacy continues here today for many students and professors at NMSU, because I have not forgotten his dreams.   He was honored numerous times in life, in part due to his engineering genius, as well as his moral, steadfast, philanthropic, innovative, creative intellect, and foresight.    In 1995 when New Mexico State University dedicated the Klipsch School of Electrical and Computer Engineering it signified commitment, perseverance, size, quality, strength, reputation and a broad range of specialties, all qualities that Paul stood for and I stand for today.

Paul unfortunately did not see his last dream come true in life, so I took up that dream as a labor of love and followed it through with a few of those people who are truly dedicated to him and his life's work.   The Golden Jubilee is that dream.   It is a speaker different from his others in that he desired to make a full range, horn loaded, two way loudspeaker with the efficiency and sound he was accustomed to.   I have now realized his dream and have seen my work through, this labor of love, a complete project, as we gather to honor and celebrate my husband, Paul W Klipsch once again and his last great loud speaker, the Golden Jubilee.    It is fitting to celebrate his lifetime of work as this final speaker joins the rest of his Original Heritage Line speakers in the Paul W Klipsch Museum here at New Mexico State University.

I love you Paul

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