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Volti Crossover Networks

So beautiful, you may want to
put them on top of your speakers!

Several hundred hours of development time, including over a hundred hours of seat time in front of Khorns listening to various network designs, has gone into this new design, and the results are not only beautiful, but also represent a new level of build quality, flexibility and performance.

For the VT-Crossover installation manual, click HERE


    All hand wired, using top quality components
    Sonicraft Sonicap caps
    High "Q" Solen "Perfect lay" Litz wire tweeter Inductors
    12ga solid wire, air-core woofer inductors
    Twin inductor design on the woofer filter allows for three different upper-bass attenuations
    Autotransformer for attenuating the midrange output - uses screw terminals (no push/pull connectors)
    Solid Hardwood mounting boards, using Maple, Oak, Cherry, and Mahogany
    Durable lacquer finish
    Concealed wiring underneath for a very clean look
    Components mechanically fastened, not just glued down
    Heavy-duty, gold-plated, 5-way binding posts for inputs
    All connections soldered or held in place with brass binding screws
    Bi-wire capable
    Provides a more constant load impedance to the amplifier

V-Trac Khorn Networks (VTK400)

This is the network that I spent a great deal of time developing for my own system, using my own approach to network design.  It is a network that took the best advantage of the upgrades, and also met my standards and style of listening to music.

I prefer a very simple electronic chain from source to speaker in my own system, and I have the same desire for my passive crossover networks.   I don't want a lot of components between me and the music, so my crossover networks are very simple in their design, much like the original Klipsch "A" networks back in their day.

The VTK400 has everything you need in a crossover for your
V-Trac upgraded Khorns, and nothing you don't need.  

"Beautifully Simple Design"

"Elegant Styling"

"Superior Build Quality"

"So Very Musical!"

One of the nice features of these networks is that there are no barrier strips.   If you've got large speaker wires going to your speakers, you'll really like the fact that you can make a nice connection through the heavy-duty binding posts, rather than those tiny screws you normally have to hook to.  Notice how the front of the network board is angled back slightly to make plugging in a little easier.  The component hookups are done with brass binding screws that are threaded into inserts mounted in the wood.  Even the inserts are brass so the connections are very good.  

Hooking up the drivers to the crossovers is intuitive.  Hookups for tweeters are on the backs of the board, the midrange hookup is set to the left of the input in front of the autotransformer, and woofer connections are made to the right of the input in front of the woofer inductors.

Using this network is a pleasure.  You will finally have control over the voicing of the midrange and upper-bass in your Khorns.  There are so many different factors that influence the sound of your Khorns, especially in the critical upper-bass range.  Size of room, height of ceiling, less than optimal corners, volume levels, downstream components, etc...  With the VTK networks, you can adjust the midrange output in conjunction with the upper-bass by selecting different hookup points on the board.  There are many different combinations that you can choose to provide just the right voicing for your system.  

VTK400 Pair - $949, single - $530

V-Trac Belle Networks (VTB400)

Same design and specifications as the VTK400 networks, with slight changes to the components for better voicing with the Belle Klipsch speakers.

The networks also include a tweeter attenuation circuit built in.  This circuit is easily removable if you wish to have full output from the tweeter.

VTB400 Pair - $1,020, single - $560

The VTB400 networks are made to order and will require a 30 day lead time

For the VT-Crossover installation manual, click HERE

Special requests for a particular hardwood species for the boards will be considered, please inquire about pricing.

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