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A new internal wiring kit makes it easy to wire up your new components in your fully upgraded Khorn and Belle Klipsch speakers.  Volti Audio offers two different grades of internal wiring kits - our Standard kit and the Triode Wire Labs kit.

The Standard

We've been making these standard wiring kits for many years now.  These great looking and high quality wires will make a real difference when replacing the old wiring that originally came with your speakers.

Recently (2018) we've changed to all 12ga wire, and also changed a couple of the terminations.  The photos here show the most recent versions of the various internal wires.  Please note that we may use different terminations from the ones shown here on your internal wiring kit, as needed for your particular setup of components and connections.

Woofer wires with banana terminations

Midrange wires with "soft solder" terminations for spring-terminal connectors

Close up of "soft solder" terminations.  Just the tip of the wire is tinned, leaving the strands "soft", which makes a better connection in spring-terminal connectors.

Tweeter wires with "flag" terminations for connection to Beyma CP25

Six-piece kit is only $150.00 (includes two tweeter wires, two midrange wires, and two woofer wires)  Wires are made long enough so that they allow for the crossovers to be located on top of the speaker cabinets, where some folks leave them because they look so nice, or just put them up top temporarily while making adjustments to the system, thus not having to pull the speakers out of the corners every time an adjustment is made.

Available at no additional cost - longer woofer wires that can be installed through a hole that you drill in the woofer chamber doors and connect directly to the woofer, thus eliminating the original connection point at the woofer chamber door.

Available at additional cost - Internal woofer wires and/or binding posts for the woofer chamber doors.  Please inquire.

Triode Wire Labs

Volti Audio is now working with Triode Wire Labs to provide our customers with a truly upgraded wiring kit and will squeeze the highest level of performance out of those new components.

Triode Wire Labs offers high-end audiophile cables at budget-friendly prices, and now they've agreed to supply us with the same wire used in their "American Speaker Cable" cables for our Premium internal wiring kits.  This wire is U.S.-made, very high-quality with 210 individual 30 AWG conductors for each run, and a durable cloth covering that will last for decades.  The wire and some of the terminations are cryogenically treated as well.

Terminations are much higher grade than we use for the Standard wiring kit - the gold-plated copper spades for instance, are supplied by Furutech.

Six-piece kit is $400.  Internal woofer wires are $50.  Wire lengths for the TWL kit are standard length unless otherwise specified - in other words, not long enough to place the crossover on top of the speaker cabinets, but plenty long enough for the crossovers located inside the cabinets in the normal way.

Speaker Cables

My speaker cables are made with 12ga. KnuKonceptz wire.
They are what I consider to be mid-quality and mid-priced wires
that are much better than using regular copper strand wires or lamp cord!
Plus they are great looking.  Up to 25', 12ga is only $75 each.

Ends are normally terminated with solder-connected, gold-plated banana plugs,
but custom configurations are available.

Please inquire about pricing for other speaker cables available in any length.

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