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A new internal wiring kit makes it easy to wire up your new components in your fully upgraded Khorn and Belle Klipsch speakers.  These great looking and high quality wiring kits will make a real difference when replacing the old wiring that originally came with your speakers.

Lengths are long enough to mount the crossovers up on top of the cabinets, even if just temporarily to make adjustments easier.

The ends are gold-plated spade and pin connectors that are soldered onto the wire.  The kit will be customized for your particular application by installing terminations needed for the components used in your speakers, and may look different than shown in these photos.   Also, some of the specialty ends may not be gold-plated.

Internal woofer wires can be ordered, as well as new binding posts for the woofer chamber doors.  Please inquire by email.

Speaker Cables

My speaker cables are made with KnuKonceptz wire, in 16ga or 12ga.
They are what I consider to be mid-quality and mid-priced wires
that are much better than using regular copper strand wires or lamp cord!
Plus they are great looking.  30' 12ga shown below is $75 each.

Ends are normally terminated with solder-connected, gold-plated banana plugs,
but custom configurations are available.

Please inquire about pricing for other speaker cables available in any length.

Volti Audio - Klipsch Khorn V-Trac Upgrades and Restoration