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VX Crossover Networks

For those of you on a stricter budget, these cossovers will work perfectly with stock Klipsch Khorns and Belle speakers, as well as with any of the other upgrades I offer.  A perfect way to step up the performance of your stock speakers and still leave the door open for future upgrades, and at a cost significantly less than the premium VT crossovers that I sell.

A Universal Design - Works Equally Well With Stock and Upgraded Khorns, La Scalas and Belles

The cost is much lower than our VTK networks, achieved by using a more conventional approach of building them on painted boards, and also because a couple of the components are a step down in quality level.  I would point out, a step down from extremely high quality to very good quality.

The midrange caps for instance are still the same type of construction as the premium quality Sonicap (poly and film), but generic in terms of being a no-name brand.

Woofer inductors are P-Core - solid core, of a smaller gage wire, and much less expensive than the air-core Solen inductors you'll find on the VTK networks.  In terms of real sonic differences between these two inductors?   There is a technical difference for sure, but the P-Core inductors are still a very good choice for crossover networks in our speakers, and I wouldn't hesitate to recommend them to anyone wanting a very good quality inductor in their system.

The design of these lower priced networks still follows the same approach as the VTK networks - allowing for full adjustability to the midrange and upper bass settings - and they offer surprisingly good features given the relatively low price.


    Handsome plywood base with dark green paint, oiled natural wood edges, and Sorbethane feet

    All hand wired, using very good quality components

    Important tweeter and midrange inductors are high "Q" Solen, open-air, #14 AWG Litz wire

    Autotransformer allows for attenuating the midrange output, with high quality connections via screw-barrier strip - not push-on connectors

    Dual woofer inductors allows the user to choose between three different upper-bass settings - combined with the midrange output adjustements, this allows for a lot of flexibility in balancing the system

    Bi-wire capable

    Crossover slopes are 6 dB / Octave on the woofer. 12 dB / Octave on the squawker and 18 dB / octave on the tweeter

    Crossover frequencies are 400 Hz from woofer to squawker and 6000 Hz from squawker to tweeter.

    Provides a more constant-load-impedance to the amplifier

Only $499 per pair, fully assembled and packaged ready for shipping.  They are well made, and sound great.  Hard to go wrong at that price!

Also available with higher quality capacitors - please inquire for pricing.

A Better Crossover Network, Without Going to Extremes!

For the VT-Crossover installation manual, click HERE

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