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New VTK Crossover Networks

Simple Design     Beautiful Construction     Adjustable

The Volti Audio VTK crossovers are the perfect choice when purchasing the complete Volti Audio Klipsch Upgrades package for Klipsch Khorns and Belles.

The Volti Audio VTK crossovers are also perfect for upgrading the sound quality of stock Klipsch Khorn, Belle, and La Scala loudspeakers, AND . . . . .you will be able to use these crossovers with ANY other upgrades you make to your speakers in the future.  Lesser quality 'upgrade' crossovers from other companies may not work with future upgrade purchases.

For the VTK400-Crossover installation page, click HERE


    All hand-wired, using top quality components

    High-quality metallized polypropylene caps

    High "Q" Solen "Perfect lay" Litz wire tweeter Inductors

    12ga solid wire, air-core woofer inductors

    CNC milled, Baltic Birch plywood boards

    Durable lacquer finish

    L-pad resistors for adjusting the output level of the midrange and tweeter drivers

    Wiring "channels" for a clean look

    Components mechanically fastened, not just glued down

    Heavy-duty, gold-plated, 5-way binding posts for inputs

    Bi-wire capable

    Minimal connection points, point to point wired, no barrier strips, no solder posts, no steel jumpers

    Triode Wire Labs wiring used throughout

The best sounding stereo systems I hear are always the ones with the fewest components and simplest design.

I prefer a very simple electronic chain from source to speaker in my own system at home.

I feel the same way about passive crossover design - the simpler the better.  Crossovers that have a high parts count usually end up getting in the way of the music as the signal coming into the front of the crossover rarely ends up being as pure and natural coming out the back.   Nope, that's not for me.  I like to keep the design simple and allow the music to flow naturally and effortlessly through the crossover to the drivers.

The original Klipsch "A" crossover network was the simplest one ever developed for the Khorn by Mr. Klipsch, and it was his preferred network for his own Khorns.  My own crossover designs follow this same approach.

With the VTK crossovers, you will appreciate the simplicity of the design, the high-quality components, and the natural, effortless sound quality

The New VTK crossover, introduced in 2022 is the best sounding crossover I've ever built for Klipsch Khorns and Klipsch Belle speakers.   The improvement in the quality of sound between the original VTK crossovers(the ones on the hardwood boards and wiring underneath) and the New VTK crossovers is quite noticeable.  Honestly - surprisingly so to me.  I was suprised that I could hear such a difference between two crossovers that utilized the same high quality components, but were built differently.

The New VTK crossovers have far fewer connection points, and the connection points they have are of higher quality.  The simpler and more effective signal path from component to component on the board improves clarity, definition, detail, spaciousness, and separation in the music.  I'm not suggesting it is a huge difference, but it is noticeable and welcome.  Anytime you can make even a modest improvement to an already great sounding system, that's a win!


There are so many different factors that influence the sound of our systems - the size of our rooms, ceiling heights, having less than optimal corners (for Khorns), how loud we like to listen to music, the characteristic sound of downstream components in our systems, etc...  With the VTK networks, you can precisely balance the output of the midrange and tweeter to compensate for these variables.  Why don't all speakers offer this flexibility?  Beats me.  It's not like it's difficult to do, and do well.  The VTK crossovers are a great example.

It's easy.  Using the charts on the resistor kits supplied with your crossovers, and further detailed on the VTK Crossover Installation Page, you simply change out resistor combinations on top of the boards to adjust the output level of the midranges and tweeters in your system.

A pair of resistors is a very simple "L-pad" that reduces the output of the driver in a very linear way, without the phase anomolies associated with auto-transformers, and also provides very precise control over the output levels in one-DB increments.

Over the years I've learned a lot about building great sounding crossovers, and using L-pads instead of auto-transformers is a feature that I've moved to with all of the Volti Audio speaker crossovers.  It's simply a better sounding way to attenuate our mids and highs.

VTK crossovers are in stock.  Send me an email with your full name and shipping address and I'll send you a detailed quote with itemized pricing, shipping cost, and payment options.  VTK400 Pair - $979, single - $540

For the VTK400-Crossover installation page, click HERE

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