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Rosewood Heresy Speakers 2007-2010

A few years ago, I restored a pair of Khorns with rosewood veneer, and I had enough veneer left over to do a pair of Heresy speakers that I had kicking around the shop.   After I finished veneering them, I just put them in storage and kind of forgot about them.  When I started making the unique Shorthorn-style grills for Heresy speakers, I decided to get some solid rosewood and make a pair of the grills for the rosewood Heresies.  I made the rough frames, but then got onto something else, and the frames and the speakers just sat in storage for a long time.

Recently a customer asked me for a pair of Walnut Shorthorn-style grills for his Heresies, and I decided to finish up my Rosewood ones at the same time.  So this webpage shows my Rosewood Heresies as well as some pictures of the Shorthorn-style grills that I make for Heresies.

Here's a picture of the finished Rosewood Heresy speakers

These are for sale.   They're loaded with original components, except for the crossover networks which have had the caps replaced with Sonicaps, and they sound great.

I originally bought these for a couple hundred dollars, and the cabinets were in pretty bad shape.

They required a lot of fixing, which frankly was not worth my time to do, but sometimes it's just a labor of love.   These poor things were just calling to me!

The start of the veneer process.


After veneer and paint, before finish sanding.

Finish being applied.

These finish photos were taken several years after the last photo.  Check out the color difference!  I can't tell you if that's the photography, or if it's time, and the finish lightened up that much.  But Wow!  They don't even look like the same speakers.

Since the veneer I was using was from leftover pieces, I was not able to do a premium job of centering the grain images, or match the grain up and over the cabinets the way I like to.  But it still looks very nice.

Here's the solid rosewood grill frames before the grill cloth was put on.

The style of these grill frames mimics the Klipsch Shorthorn speaker of years ago.

Here's a few pictures with the finished grill frames

Here's a pair of Heresies with Walnut grill frames

Here's a picture of the back of the grill frame.

The hanger hardware is routed into the frame.

The four hangers hang on four screws precisely located on the front edge of the cabinets.   The weight of the speaker holds them in place and tilts the speakers back about the same as angled risers do.

Here's a few more pics of the frames

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