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"NJ" Khorns 2008
Klipsch Klipschorns Restored by Greg Roberts

A pair of Khorns and a custom La Scala as a center channel speaker in a three-channel system.

Rosewood with black grills

Here's what they looked like when I first got them.

The Khorns are from 1974, sold as birch raw with "C" style cabinet.

I didn't take too many pictures of the restoration process with this project.   If you're interested in more detail, please visit the "Mkhorn" webpages. Mkhorn Page

I also had another pair of Khorns in the shop for restoration, so I was prepping all the speakers at the same time.

Here they are fresh out of the shop before the grills were put on.   As I often do, these were changed to a "B" style cabinet with the riser and extra plate that separates the top horn section from the bass bin.

The La Scala was heavily modified.  I cut the top horn section off the cabinet and cut new pieces to build the top section to mimic the Khorn.

I can build La Scalas from scratch, just like these, if anyone's interested.

The rest of the photos are of the finished product.

Volti Audio - Klipsch Khorn V-Trac Upgrades and Restoration