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Crites 1526C Woofers

The Crites 1526C Cast-Frame Woofers are used to replace the Klipsch K33 woofer in all applications, and they have been designed and built to provide the same T/S parameters as the original.  You would expect the sound to be identical, since the specs are identical, but there is a slight difference of note.

I have found that in my own Khorns (which had two good working K33 woofers to start with), the Crites woofers are slightly more sensitive (efficient) in the lowest octave and do produce a bit more deep bass than my stock K33 woofers did.

As I said, the difference is very slight, but the way I look at it, the cost is so reasonable, especially if you consider the net after selling the original K33's on ebay, that changing from K33's to the Crites seems worth it to me.   In my own system, any little bit more bass I get from the Khorns is appreciated.

I have had at least one customer tell me that the difference they heard was significant - not just slight.  I'm guessing that his woofers probably were not working quite the way they were when new.

These do require a break-in period of 5 to 10 hours.


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