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V-120 Adapters

These adapters are used to adapt the Klipsch K55 midrange driver
to any 2"-throat Volti Audio horn.

Adapter shown on an older V-Trac horn

If you would like to upgrade in steps, instead of buying a complete package initially, these adapters allow you to use the stock K55 drivers with the Belle and Khorn V-TracII horns.  Later, as your budget allows, you can trade in the adapters for the big BMS midrange drivers.

We get asked all the time - is it really worth spending the money on the BMS drivers?  Yes, it is definately worth upgrading to the Big BMS midrange drivers.  My customers tell me that they experienced as much of an improvement with the BMS driver upgrade as they did when they upgraded just the midrange horns (using the adapters and stock drivers).  But sometimes the budget doesn't support the initial outlay of cash for the whole upgrade package.  We understand.  Using the adapters allows you to enjoy the benefits of upgrading the midrange horn on your speakers, and sets you up for upgrading to the BMS drivers when you can.  We'll take your adapters back in trade towards the purchase of the BMS drivers.

The V-120 is made with solid hardwood and painted with black paint.   They have the 1" screw-thread adapters attached, a gasket where the adapter contacts the horn, and brackets to hold the adapter to the horn.

Here's a couple of photos showing the new V-TracII horn and the installation of an adapter

Remove the two machine screws that hold the motorboard in place and set the motorboard aside.   Attach the adapter to the end of the horn by screwing the screws into the pre-drilled holes in the horn.

The V-120 is more than an adapter, it is a carefully tuned throat extension that compliments the V-TracII horn sound.

$200 per pair.  Includes hardwood feet attached to the sides of the horns, and pre-installation of the adapters (please note that adapters will be removed from the horns and the motorboards re-installed for shipping).

Volti Audio - Klipsch Khorn V-Trac Upgrades and Restoration