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"Adams" Khorns 2012
Klipsch Klipschorns Restored by Greg Roberts

A pair of very rough Khorn bass horns are transformed, and new tophats are added to make a very nice pair of fully upgraded Khorns.

Bass cabinets have been modified to have new enclosed backs, and top/bottom and front panels have been beefed up significantly with an additional layer of plywood.

Veneer is Italian Walnut Burl

Assembly is done just after the veneering and before paint or lacquer.  This makes the final assembly much easier when they are finished.

Backs of panels and other parts are primed.

Veneered and painted

Here's a few pictures just after spraying the lacquer finish on the veneer

Volti Audio - Klipsch Khorn V-Trac Upgrades and Restoration