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Volti Audio - 2015 Klipsch Khorn Restoration

4.2015 - By Greg Roberts

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These very special Volti Khorns are finished now.

They started out as a very rough set of speakers, and they have been given new life to say the least.   The new owner of these beauties will surely enjoy one of the nicest sounding pairs of corner horn speakers available anywhere at any price; and they will also enjoy the beauty and durability bestowed upon these iconic speakers during their complete restoration.

I'm really glad I had a chance to do this project.  I've been so busy with the new Volti speakers over the last few years, that I didn't have time to do any more restoration work.  This project reminded me just how much I missed it.

SOLD 7/4/2015

$13,500 plus shipping

The price includes a wood crate on a pallet for shipping.  
We can arrange for world-wide shipping at very reasonable prices.


Enclosed backs with bracing - maintaining full horn size
Added thickness to bass horn cabinets
New Tophat cabinets
All new and added plywood is Baltic Birch
New Premium Rosewood veneer, picture-matched, applied in a vacuum bag
Medium-rubbed, catalyzed clear lacquer finish
Black lacquer paint, all panels and inside back areas finished
New bass horn grill frames - all new #7 Klipsch black cloth
New Crites, cast-frame woofers
New Volti Audio Fc260, Tractrix, wooden midrange horns, 2" throat
BMS 4592, 2" outlet midrange drivers
Beyma CP25, 1" outlet tweeters
Volti Audio VTK400 crossover networks
New internal wiring

These speakers maintain the classic horn attributes that we've all grwon to love about the old Klipsch speakers, but the vices that plague the old design have been reduced dramatically, leaving a sound that is smooth, cohesive, and effortless.  Tucked in the corner of your listening room, these modern horn speakers will provide you with an enveloping sound that would be hard to replicate at any price.

The beefed up cabinets and enclosed backs of the bass horns have much better upper-bass definition and accuracy as compared to stock, open-backed Khorns.  The bass horns integrate much better with the midrange horns, and the clean and accurate upper-bass, along with the smooth low-midrange from the big, wooden Volti midrange horns, brings music to life in a way you've never heard in any other Khorn system.  These truly are among the top of the best sounding Khorns in the world.

Here's the rest of the photos.

Thank you to everyone who emailed to say how much they liked the work I did on this restoration project.   I really appreciate the support.


SOLD 7/4/2015

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