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Beyma CP25 Tweeter

The perfect tweeter to upgrade the Khorn and Belle Klipsch speakers.  They are a big improvement over the stock K77 tweeters in every way, and offer a lush, full, rich sound that integrates perfectly with the V-TracII midrange horns.

The Beyma CP25 tweeters sold by Volti Audio are selected and modified before being sent to our customers.   Approximately 20% of the CP25's that we get are rejected and sent back to the distributor because they don't meet our quality standards.  The remaining ones are modified by us to provide a smoother response.  So when you buy Beyma CP25 tweeters from Volti Audio, you are getting the very best sounding CP25's there are.

$199 each

Key Features:

High power compression tweeter: 25 w AES

1.5" (37.6 mm) edgewound aluminium ribbon voice coil

Aluminium diaphragm

High Sensitivity: 104 dB

Constant directivity horn to achieve an extended coverage angle (100º x 60º)


General Description:

This compression tweeter is designed for use in multi-element loudspeaker systems in both sound reinforcement and studio applications. It features smooth response with wide controlled dispersion and high output. The voice coil is wound from flat aluminium wire, bonded to an aluminium diaphragm for extended response and excellent transient attack. The diaphragm assembly is field replaceable without soldering.



Horizontal Polar Pattern


Technical Specifications

Rated impedance 8 ohms.

Minimum impedance 8.5 ohms.@ 9 kHz

D.C. Resistance 6.1 ohms.

Power capacity* 25 w AES

Program Power 50 w

Sensitivity** 104 dB 1w @ 1m.

Frequency range 2.5 - 20 kHz

Recommended crossover 5 kHz or higher

Dispersion H x V 100° x 60°

Voice coil diameter 37.6 mm. 1.5 in.

Magnetic assembly weight 1.45 kg. 3.2 Ib.

Flux density 1.75 T

BL Factor 6 N/A




Mounting Information

Overall diameter 160 x 135 mm. 6.3 x 5.3 in.

Depth 125 mm. 4.9 in.

Baffle cutout

dimensions 120 x 130 mm. 4.72 x 5.12 in.

Net weight 1.7 kg. 3.75 Ib.

Shipping weight 1.84 kg. 4.05 Ib.




Dimension Drawings


Diaphragm: Aluminium

Voice coil: Edgewound aluminium ribbon

Voice coil former: Kapton

Magnet: Ferrite




*The power capacity is determined according to AES2-1984 (r2003) standard.

Program power is defined as the transducer's ability to handle normal music

program material.

**Sensitivity was measured at 1 m distance, on axis, with 1 w input, averaged

in the range 3-15 kHz



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