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Klipsch Belle Upgrades

The finest Belle Klipsch upgrades available  .  .  .
all from one source

You can count on Volti Audio to supply you with upgrade parts that fit your speakers perfectly, work together as a system, and provide the highest quality of sound available for your speakers.

You can also count on us to get these parts out to you quickly, and to provide friendly customer service through the whole process.

Our complete, top-of-the-line upgrade package transforms a pair of Belle speakers into world-class horn speakers that can stand toe to toe with the best horn speakers available.  The cost of this upgrade package is $4,603 plus shipping

2 - Beyma CP-25 Tweeters ($450/pr)
2 - Volti Audio Belle V-TracII Midrange Horns ($1,599/pr)
2 - BMS 4592ND-Mid Midrange Drivers ($1,450/pr)
2 - Volti Audio VTK400 Crossover Networks ($979/pr)
2 - Crites 1526C Woofers ($350/pr)
Standard Wiring Kit ($175)
Discount for Package Upgrade (-$400)

It All Matters

I've been offering these upgrade parts for Khorns and Belles for a very long time now, and it is become obvious to me that my customers who have purchased the entire upgrade package all at one time are the most satisfied customers I have.  There's good reason for this.  The Volti Audio Klipsch Upgrades system is a complete engineered system that depends on each and every part to contribute to the whole.

In the past I've offered my Klipsch Upgrades parts A La Carte, as a way to help some of my customers who are on a more restricted budget at least make some improvement to their Khorns and Belles.

Due to changes in my business (increased Volti Audio speaker sales), I am slowly moving away from the A La Carte business in favor of providing complete upgrade packages to my customers.   I'll continue to do my best to provide parts when available, especially the New VTK crossovers, but please understand, I may not be able to always accommodate your requests for individual parts in the future.

I strongly recommend that you purchase the entire engineered upgrade package all at one time, as opposed to purchasing each element of the system individually over time.  The individual parts of the system all enhance the end result in some important way, and if you only choose to purchase one or two of the parts, you simply will not realize the benefit of having the whole system in your Belle speakers.  You do want all of these upgrades - you deserve to have all of the upgrades - you really should do it sooner rather than later, because when you hear the difference this system makes in the quality of sound from your speakers, you'll wish you had done it many years ago.

I know you may see on the internet a few upgrade pieces for your Belle speakers that are less expensive, but I'm simply not interested in, nor do I have the time to try and compete with the cheaper stuff.  The Volti Audio Klipsch Upgrades are the very best available and that's what I enjoy offering to my customers.

You'll not find a better engineered combination of replacement components for your Belle speakers than the Volti Audio Klipsch Upgrades.  You will also not find a better sounding setup for the Belles.  This is the best sound you can get from these iconic beauties.

Even compared to the brand new stock Klipsch speakers like the Klipschorns or La Scalas, it's not a fair fight.  The sound quality of the Volti Audio Klipsch Upgrades package completely embarrasses those new stock Klipsch speakers.  

It's not that Klipsch is incapable of making a better sounding Khorn, because they certainly have the talent and resources to do it.  They choose different approaches to speaker design and construction than I do based on their corporate structure, huge overhead expenses, the desire for profits for the shareholders of the parent company VOXX, etc...

Klipsch is a very successful business operating on a very large scale.  When you break it down to the level that I'm working at - a very small company working with a very low overhead and no shareholders, it becomes more about the parts quality and what actually sounds better.  More like how you would do it for yourself if you could.  

Look, I'm just going to be blunt here, you can't use midrange drivers made in China that cost twenty bucks each and put those on a midrange horn designed in the early 1950's with a throat size barely the size of your pinky finger and expect to be able to complete with the sound quality of a $700 midrange driver built to the highest standards in Germany and installed on a modern, hand-built, wooden, midrange horn of the highest quality with a throat area that is eight times the size of the Khorn throat.  There simply is no comparison.  It's not even close.  It's exact opposite ends of the spectrum.  Klipsch is well aware of this 'spectrum' and range of quality, and as I said, they make the choices they make for reasons that have little to do with building better sounding speakers.  Volti Audio is not constrained the way Klipsch is when it comes to making decisions about product quality.  The two companies may seemingly build similar products, but each has a very different approach.  I don't have any problem with the way Klipsch operates.  In fact I think it is quite impressive in many ways, and I do think their speakers are good for the money.  If you want something better . . . . . significantly better, that's where Volti Audio comes in.

If you can afford it, you really should just buy the complete upgrade package.  Trust me, you'll spend the money one time and you'll be enjoying the very best sound you can get from your Belle speakers for the rest of your life.

Here's a rundown of the individual components that make up the Volti Audio complete upgrades package for a pair of Klipsch Belle speakers.   Click on the underlined links to go to the individual component webpages, where you'll find more detailed information about each piece.

V-TracII Midrange Horns

The stock Belle midrange horn is a perfect horn to use if you want to illustrate what a 'honky' horn sounds like.  The tiny (11/16" diameter inlet), and tiny size of this horn, is responsible for creating colorations and a constricted sound to the midrange that is completely unacceptable by modern horn speaker standards, and also completely fixable with the upgrade to the Volti Audio Belle V-TracII Horns.

Open up, warm up, and smooth out the midrange with the Volti Audio V-TracII horn.  You'll be amazed at how this midrange horn improves everything about your Belles - even the upper bass from the bass horn takes on better definition and detail.


Belle V-Trac Horn

Beyma CP25 Tweeters

The CP-25 tweeters offer a vast improvement in smoothness and bandwidth as compared to the old K77 tweeters that came with our Belles.  They integrate perfectly with the V-Trac midrange horns.

You may see on the internet where some people are talking about other replacement tweeters for the Belle and Khorn.  I've tried them all, and some of them are pretty good.  But I still prefer the large ring-radiator diaphragm and large lens of the Beyma over these other options.  They are a better match to the big V-Trac horns, and they simply sound better to my ears.

Volti Audio Beyma CP25 tweeters are not the same as others you may see for sale elsewhere.  We have a special arrangement with our distributor who imports these for us.  We inspect and reject the ones that don't meet our high standards.  The ones that do make it past the intial inspection are modified by us to provide a smoother response than the stock factory ones.  So when you buy Beyma CP25 tweeters from Volti Audio, you are getting the very best sounding CP25's there are.


Beyma CP25 Tweeter

Beyma Tweeter and Motorboard Mounted in V-Trac Frame

VTK400 Crossovers - New For 2022

The VTK400 Crossover is a Greg Roberts design that offers a similar design philosophy to Mr. Klipsch's Type-A network, but with much higher quality parts.  It is a crossover that is carefully tuned to correctly 'balance' the components of the system.  By using fewer parts of exceptionally high quality, the purity of the signal coming into the speaker is maintained as it passes through the crossover and to the individual drivers of the speaker.  It is a pure, 'do no harm' approach to system design that allows the music to flow naturally and effortlessly.

The New VTK400 Crossover is the best sounding crossover I've ever designed for the Klipsch Belle.  Improvements include a more direct and better quality signal transfer from component to component, and a change to using L-pad resistors for attenuating the midrange and tweeter output.

I would not say the New VTK is a big improvement in sound quality over the original VTK, but it is noticeable enough that when compared to the original there's no question about which I prefer.  I hear improved clarity and detail, better definition in the bass, and better separation and spatial cues in the soundstage.  Anytime you can make even a modest improvement to an already great system without increasing cost, I call that a WIN!

For more information - New VTK400 Crossovers


BMS Midrange Drivers

A very important part of the Volti Audio Belle Upgrade package is to replace those old K55 midrange drivers (originally designed as firehouse station siren drivers - yes really), with modern, very high quality, 2" outlet BMS midrange drivers.  In combination with the big, 2"-throat, wooden, hand-built V-Trac midrange horns, they are nothing short of amazing in terms of providing that effortless, full, rich, spacious midrange sound that Volti Audio is known for.   That 'midrange' that makes you believe you could walk into the soundstage and shake hands with the saxaphone player!

Utilizing a large phenolic diaphragm, these midrange drivers do a great job of capturing the sound of singing voices in the most natural way.


BMS Drivers

Woofers and Wiring

It only makes sense to replace those old woofers (if they are old) with new ones that are designed and built to replicate the original K33's.   Some people mistakenly think that if they put higher-power or seemingly higher quality woofers in their Belles that they will get improved bass response.  It doesn't work.  It is imperative that the correctly specified woofer be installed in the Belle bass horn for it to work properly.  The Crites 1526C woofer is the one you want.  Will you get a big improvement by doing this?   Honestly it's hard to say.  Maybe not, because if you have two good working original K33 woofers in your Belles, the Crites woofers offer very little improvement, if any noticeable improvement.  But if your 40 year old woofers are worn out, you will probably notice a nice improvement by changing them out.  In the big scheme of things, it's a $350 investment in new parts that will compliment the rest of the $4,500 parts you are buying.  Seems to make sense to us.


Crites Woofers

It really wouldn't make much sense to upgrade all these parts and not change out the wiring now would it?  Of course not, which is why we offer two different options for internal wiring.

Standard wiring kit, $175

New Wiring

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